Long term care is a very complex issue.

Long Term Care Education and Planning helps assure that we provide ourselves and our family with a plan and the financial means to aid in facilitating our care; not providing.

As a strong advocate of “education first – product second”  I developed and trademarked my Long Term Care Education and Planning Program (LTCEPP).  This program has educated thousands of consumers, and their families,  both individually around the kitchen table, and in board and meeting rooms of small, mid and large size employers and associations.

Educating consumers as to the need to plan for long term care is a core belief of mine.  Myself and my associates, comprised of a team of like minded, long-term care specialists, are dedicated to providing education first and then assuring that they have access to the best product based on their health and finances.

When it comes to long term care education and planning everyone wants the best education  possible so they can care for their loved ones. Our education is designed for spouses, care partners and the extended family members of people who require long term care.

We focus on providing long-term care insurance coverage to many different employee groups from various employers in the area. In addition we provide educational plans to employees when they need to provide long term care to a loved one. No one ever expects to be in a position to be looking after a loved one for a long time, but when it happens we want to make sure they have the best information possible. We want to make sure that we take care of them in the best way possible.

Our team will provide you with the most comprehensive and easy to understand long term care education to ensure you can handle any situation that may arise at home or in public with your loved one. The planning program ensures you are ready if you find yourself in a position to look after a loved one. This planning can include long term care insurance if our clients want to protect themselves from having to do all the work of looking after their loved one by themselves.

CaringPlans Associates is all about the education of our customers. We are specialists in the field of long term care education and planning and we can help anyone who finds themselves in need of our services.

We recommend that you get yourself educated with all of the options available to you within the long term care field so that you can make the right choices for you and your loved ones.

Welcome to CaringPlans Associates!

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